We are a company that likes to offer you personally, or your group, services in the field of Tour Management / Guide or guidance on your trip or vacation. Naturally, we also can plan and organize with you your entire trip  . Your stay in hotel, guided tour (s), transportation.

Holland Holiday Tour Guide / ITM is not exclusively focused on the Netherlands, but also has experience with bus trips to eg Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain.
Similarly with boat trips on the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Meuse and Seine.

Holland Holiday Tour Guide is a part of International Tour Management (ITM / ITourm)


We are members of the  International Association of Tour Managers IATMNEDERLANDLOGO


We are available via phone +31 6 2286 8014, but we prefer via e-mail : itourm@ymail.com

What is the speciality of HollandHolidayTourGuide?

We respect you, and this is no empty slogan.
Example: We consider your condition, so we try to prevent you instance the breakfast is  at 7.00 hours and at 8.00 hours we all have to leave.
That we only will do this with consulting you.
Holidays are definitely something to see, but do not come home exhausted.
And that is the reason of your holiday, isn´t it? Seeing and especially enjoying.